Consulting Services

We provide professional services for Cloud Service Management, IT Service Management, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Through our iMOT™ Cloud Service Management framework enable IT organization to deliver cloud-based IT services that are secure, financially optimized, and adaptive to dynamic workload demands in order to maximize the business value of cloud computing .

For professional services to address a specific business challenge contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Cloud Readiness Assessment
Cloud computing is a business model that leverages technology and processes to deliver adaptive cloud-based IT services. It dramatically impacts the ways services are designed, delivered, and managed. The effects of such a change need to be fully understand and addresses. The Cloud Readiness Assessment evaluates an organization's current capabilities as they related to process methodologies, organizational roles and responsibilities, and technical expertise and skills sets.  By using the iMOT™ framework, we:

  • perform a gap analysis on IT staff's cloud expertise and skill sets
  • identify changes and impact to existing IT roles
  • identify organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • identify process areas that need to be improved or strengthened
  • provide a remediation plan for gaps identified
  • provide a structured roadmap for proceeding with cloud adoption

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