Consulting and Advisory Services


As an independent advisor, Navigo Technologies provides the insight and integrated IT-Business assets you need to navigate through the maze of best practice frameworks and vendor-hyped promises to address the needs of your business environment. Navigo empowers your IT organization to operate effectively and with efficiency so that you can focus on your core business value-add strengths.

What We Do
We assist IT management to leverage the most critical key corporate entities: the business customer (internal and external), the end-user community, and your IT organization.

Our IT – Business Philosophy
At Navigo Technologies we believe that Information Technologies exist to empower the business mission statement. We start with aligning IT initiatives to business strategic, tactical, and operational requirements so that IT empowers the business and  end-users to execute their business function. This allows the three key corporate stakeholders -- business, IT, and end-users -- to create business value.

True End-to-End Partnership
"We are not afraid to get our hands dirty”
We work with you (and your teams) from the initial assessment and recommendations all the way through the implementation, training and continuous improvement cycle.

How We Work
Our four part solution program and iMOT™ Management Framework ensure successful deployments of your IT management solutions.

In the Analyze & Assess (A&A) stage we:

  • identify business drivers and requirements
  • determine stakeholders and business outcomes
  • analyze current capabilities and resources
  • conduct gap analysis
  • deliver recommendations
  • develop high level roadmap
  • create a strategy plan


In Design and Architect (D&A) stage we:

  • translate requirements into technical specifications
  • design technical architecture
  • plan configuration management
  • validate design plan
  • develop project plans
  • identify roles and responsibilities
  • develop training plans
  • build transition plan


In Implement and Deploy (I&D) stage we:

  • perform R&D workshops
  • test pilot solution
  • conduct Q&A testing
  • validate user-acceptance
  • transition to production
  • deliver knowledge transfer and training
  • execute project management


In Manage and Improve (M&I) stage we:

  • conduct periodic reviews
  • perform health checks
  • identify re-alignment issues
  • monitor metrics and KPIs
  • provide on-going training and knowledge transfer

iMOT™ Management Framework -- Thought Leadership for IT
iMOT™ Management Framework is a practical, experienced based application of best practices for IT Management drawn from the industry’s best practices such as ITIL ®, COBIT ®, and ISO 20000. Our framework covers the integration of the methodology, organization, and technology aspects that every solution must address for immediate goal attainment and long term sustainability.

Consulting Services
Some of our consulting services include:

  • ITSM Process Assessment
  • Building a Functional Service Catalog
  • Creating and Managing the Service Portfolio
  • Closed-Loop Event-Incident-Problem Management
  • Integrated Change-Release-Configuration Management
  • Process Metrics Through Metricus

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